BBC World News America from LA – Virtual Studio


BBC World News America with Katty Kay was anchored from Los Angeles on 19 May 2015. The show was originated from KCET which is a public television station in Los Angeles that distributes the show to other public television stations through out the United States. The show originated from a green screen virtual studio that was designed to look like Studio B from New Broadcasting House in London. Included in this video include an older top of the hour countdown, the opening credits (with scenes from LA in the globe) and the long close and end sponsorship spots.

BBC Global News, BBC News and KCET own the copyrights to the these clips. No copy right infringement is intended as this is for discussion on TVNT and other message boards.

This video may contain content copyrighted by third parties but is used as part of news coverage and commentary on discussion boards and therefore subject to the fair use exception under Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 107 of United States law. I make no claims to third party content contained in this video and no infringement is intended.

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