Georgia senator accused of briefly snatching student’s phone Video


  • Now Playing: Evidence points to Saudis in journalist’s death: U.S. senator

  • Now Playing: Georgia senator accused of briefly snatching student’s phone

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  • Now Playing: Martha Raddatz: Vital for Americans to understand ‘who is in the fight’

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  • Now Playing: Tom Llamas: ‘In a lot of ways’ Melania Trump is the ‘polar opposite of her husband’

  • Now Playing: Sen. Sanders: Democrats ‘have to end one party rule’ by winning in midterms

  • Now Playing: Sen. Flake: ‘Severe action needs to be taken’ if Saudi government killed journalist

  • Now Playing: Larry Kudlow on U.N. climate change report: ‘I don’t think we should panic’

  • Now Playing: Trump weighing new immigration policy

  • Now Playing: Trump promises to call Saudi King ‘at some point’ about reporter’s disappearance

  • Now Playing: American freed from captivity in Turkey to meet with Trump

  • Now Playing: Poll finds majority of Americans favor further investigation of Kavanaugh

  • Now Playing: ‘He’s been through a lot”: Trump says of freed American pastor

  • Now Playing: Melania Trump: Alleged infidelities ‘not concern and focus’ of hers

  • Now Playing: The Briefing Room: Journalist missing as pastor released from Turkey

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  • Now Playing: FiveThirtyEight House forecast update for Oct. 12, 2018

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  • Now Playing: Kanye West takes over the White House

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