Neymar dive confession: BBC News Review


One of Brazil’s star players – Neymar – was criticised by many during the World Cup because he seemed to react very dramatically after being fouled. Now he’s admitted that at times he did indeed ‘exaggerate’ his reactions. He also defended himself by saying that he suffered a lot on the pitch – meaning he got fouled a lot. Neil and Catherine discuss the key language from this story.

Learn about the language the world’s media is using to report this story.

Key words and phrases:
pretending something is real

• Faking illness to miss an exam can get you in serious trouble.
• He was sent to prison for faking banknotes.

the act of admitting you did something wrong

• His murder confession led to a short trial.
• Rob’s confession to biscuit theft came as no surprise to anyone.

come back to haunt (someone)
return as a problem for a long time

• That photo from the Christmas party has come back to haunt Carlos.
• Don’t say anything on social media that might come back to haunt you.

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