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BBC News at Ten Breakdown (20 June 2017)

The BBC News at Ten suffered a huge breakdown on Tuesday 20th June 2017.. This was recorded from the BBC News Channel and as NOT...

BBC News 24 Continuity – 22nd June 2002

Round the clock news coverage including reports on Senegal reaching the World Cup Quarter Finals , anti smoking vaccinations, the Cuban constitution referendum...

Farrah Abraham pleads guilty to resisting police in June arrest

Farrah Abraham pleaded guilty on Friday to a misdemeanor stemming from a scuffle...

Oh Dear. (Full version) June 20, 2017, 10pm. BBC News.

For anyone curious about the camera system the BBC use here they produced an excellent four-minute video about it (UK only?) http://www.bbc.co.uk/academy/technology/article/art20140313104307334 BBC News had...

BBC News June 3, 2018


BBC Power Failure – 20th June 2000

Some clips from the power failure at BBC Television Centre on 20th /21st June 2000. Clips include; BBC World breakfiller on News 24 BBC News 8pm...

BBC News June 10, 2018


BBC News Weather & Today’s Sport – 18th June 1988

The early evening news with Moira Stuart is followed by the weather with Michael Fish and a roundup of today's sport from Ralph Dellor...

Christian World News – June 16, 2017

Christian World News - June 16, 2017 source